Monday, 20 April 2009

Election's about campaigning and not ditching others

One of the disturbing things many of the opposition parties in South Africa fail to do is campigning for the general public in making up their minds as to which of the parties will deliver on their needs not what Zuma and his party failed on.

This because "Zuma this, Zuma that" gives away, to me especially, the impression that such opposition parties are on a campaign to discredit Zuma as the president of the ruling party, and likely president of South Africa in the upcoming 2009 General elections.

On that note: "Zuma this, Zuma that" opposition parties are failing potential voters big time, and generally are not promising anything different from what Zuma and his cronnies, have been and are promising us.

Therefore, all opposition parties must get over "Zuma this, Zuma that" and get on with fresh and more appealing election campaign that would not be seen as an election tactic to discredit Zuma and the ruling party, ANC, but rather an attenpt to attract votes from sympathetic citizens.

This is no defence nor attack for whatever crime Zuma may have been "perceived" to have commited at all. But a request that a sense of ownership, fresh and genuine political campaigning must prevail from opposition parties in South Africa's third "demicratic" election since the first held in 1994, about 15 years ago, at the time of writing.

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