Monday, 20 April 2009

Where's UCDP's Mangope

It's been years since I heard of United Christian Democratic Party president Manyane Mangope since the last election in 2004.

The president, Mangope, seems quite old to be leading a fresh democratic government like South Africa if his party will ever win as a ruling party - which seems highly unlikely and not even in a 20 year unless provincially - moreso, when there are new emerging political parties in SA's political landscape.

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Mosa said...

nna i think that mangopes party is nt doing enough to gain votes. I mean they did nting in this previous election. Im 19 but ive done research about mangope and this guy fascinates me. He might have done alot of bad stuff but he did far more good things and i think we owe the guy alot. Bt i reckon with proper n passionate ppl by his side kgosi mangope aka busa gape