Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cope’s two-faced Presidents confusing?

During the election period, especially in South Africa, one is likely to see many disturbing activities happening around the country or provinces.

Amongst those have taken place includes:

  • Name calling of other political parties, especially opponents,
  • Violation of a “right to political organization” as recognized by the Constitution of the Land,
  • Political intimidations,
  • Malicious and not trusted member for Political spying here and there

However, this article’s a response to Congress of the People's election placard with Musioua Lekota on one hand and Mvumbe Dandala on the other.

Unlike African National Congress's one party one president – Jacob Zuma – COPE is likely to confuse its potential voters with two people (hopefully not) competing for the organization's presidency position in the upcoming General Elections 2009.

Furthermore, the recent report here, there, over there and here again where Cope’s now former Election Manager Mlungisi Hlongwane indicated reasons for leaving Cope for ANC which he resigned from 03 November 2008, according to The Citizen - will scarce potential voters and members even far away from the organization.

Enough with Mlungisi and back to Cope’s two-faced president.

Who is actually the organization’s president, especially to its potential voters, Mbeki maybe or members, and not the likes of Hlongwane who, it seems, looks like a lost sheep?

COPE you really are confusing the nation with Lakota’s face on one placard and Dandala on another. If this continues, it is no wonder the likes of Hlongwane resigned in the first place (if he never was lost from the start).

Therefore, get it right and come clean with the nation.

How on earth, if I am to vote or registered to, are you going to influence my voting decision, voting for COPE i mean, with Dandala and Lekota?

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