Monday, 26 November 2007

Whatever you do - do your research!

Often people go ahead and do things without thinking about them first. It be Article writing on Newspapers, Blogging, Going for an Interview, Applying for a job a particular company, Criticizing people and what they do, Preparing a Presentation, Lecturing, etc.

All these things are just a few of those that a thorough research must done on before embarking up on them. It is very important first to know what it is that you are doing or going to do, who your audiences will be, etc. The reason for this is that, you don't want to embarrass yourself by presenting to the wrong people, giving your audiences the impression that you did not do a proper research on your subject (s) and are not prepared or that you are unprofessional.

It really does not matter who your audiences are -- but one has to make sure that one knows his "story"; otherwise, it will be a turnoff to your audiences because they expect more than you are willing to give.

Rather you look prepared. Often in Interviews, applicants make the mistakes of not knowing anything about the job, let alone the company that they are applying to. I went extra miles in knowing more about Adcon and fortunately ready in Mail and Guardian that it had been celected as the official store operator for 2010 World Cup.

It's of high importance that when applicants apply for any kind of job -- they must do research on that particular job and the company applying to, so that the interviewer should get the impression that you have done your research and that counts a lot on your chances of getting that job. Not only that, but it will help you to make constructive and serious decision in whatever position you will be occupying in the future, and it shows that you really know what you are about.

When coming to the Lecturing or teaching, often than not, teachers come to class not prepared - some come to class with a bottle of bear in their bags, and some with a bad smell of alcohol. This really shows that you really do not care about your work and those that your work will affect, especially students. Ultimately, they (students) will end up not respecting you, nor regarding you as a good teacher or lecturer -- but rather talking bad about you, your behaviour, being disrespectful towards you mainly because you were not being respectful when you brought that bottle of vodka to class. Do you remember? Of course you obviously won't remeber, how can you? See...

Often people forget that the choices they make today - will affect them in the future.

In conclusion, rather you do a proper research on your subject because you are going to present such to an audience that will be judging your presentation. And trust me, you don't want to look like an idiot or maybe worse, that you don't know what you are talking about. Do you?

Well and good research could earn you a very impressive and maybe lasting reputation.

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