Monday, 26 November 2007

Where is the compassion: Children on the street...

We often as society view children on the street as needy kinds or and things like that. But that is not always the case.

I was on my way to school on a weekend when I came across two kinds, and they were like brothers or relatives from what I gathered. The other one was about between 9 & 11 years, when the older one was around 12 & 14 years of age.

Whenever I see them on the streets, I sit down with them and ask them
Ø Who they are,
Ø Where they're from,
Ø What are they doing on the street,
Ø Why do they eat from rubbish bin,
Ø Why aren't they clean,
Ø Do they go to school?
Ø Who looks after them, and
Ø Do they have both parents or just single

I found out that they do go to school and they also eat from where they lived. But something that is still stuck on my mind was when they told me that, they do come where I had found them sitting because they are able to eat KFC's and other things that they would not eat when they are at home.

They however go to school and live like "normal" kinds. But, it seemed not enough for them. It was then I realized that some kinds do these things for different reasons and some do it because it is fun and they do enjoy it.

When I asked the older one why they were doing what they were doing, he told me that the younger ones asked him to come with. When asked why he did that, they younger boys said the opposite of what the elder one said.

It was difficult for me to see who really was wrong, but there's no point of me blaming whoever was wrong - but rather try to help them.

Therefore, my having to share this with you is that, don't always think that those kids you see on the block or street are there for fun like these two, but they are there for very crucial different reasons which we would not understand because we are not in the situations in which they are and never will we understand let alone feel what they are feeling.

So please have some compassion because it is what they need sometimes, just someone to come and talk to them. Instead of giving them money, take them or just two or three of them to your house, let them have a bath, give them or new clothes if you got some and take them to where you found them.

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