Monday, 08 October 2007

Why people smoke at a tender age

This morning i went to the University Cafeteria to buy some chewing gums as i had a tea after i had brushed my teeth. And my mouth tasted somewhat weird but not stinky though.

When i told the cashier that i wanted chewing gums - she told me they didn't have those. And to my surprise - instead of advising me to buy sweets or a cold drink or mineral water for that matter - she begged that i buy a cigarette. I was shocked.

On my way out - I then realised why young kinds at my home village or any other place in the country or worldwide smoke at a tender age. It's because they are advised and sometimes begged or forced to buy cigarettes because they haven't got a backbone like i did when i declined to do so by that cashier at the Campus cafetaria.

Then one should ask: Just how many kids a day are lured, begged, advised and sometimes forced to smoke or do anything that is against their will, e.g. sexual intercourse?

"come on. Buy a cigarette instead," the cashier said. Just Like That!

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