Friday, 05 October 2007

Advice to HR student and those in other fields!

You maybe wondering - what is it that i know. Well, given my interaction will a lot of professionals especially in my field of study - i can say - at least i know a thing or two.

It's not an easy task being a student with no work experience and looking for employment. You know, if you are an employer that - you want certain kinds of people in your organization, business or company with particular skills, knowledge, a bit of expertise in the field and a lot of experience in whatever position one is applying for.

This is what i asked Ryk van Niekerk
Publisher/Editor: Gauteng Business through email:

Hi. I am a final year B.ADmin (HRM) student at a University. I haven't had any
work experience and i want to enroll on a learnership or internship when i
finish my degree. What shud one do in a situation like this. Can a person who's
never worked be hired to work as an Administrative Assistant?
Last year i
went for an Administrative Interview and i somehow realised that i am
employable. But because i had just passed and was going for 3rd year, i decided
to leave the interview process and come and complete my Degree becoz i didn't
think i wouldn't manage having to work and doing an undergraduate degree at the
same time. Was that a wrong move and what do employers really want from people
like me?
And this was his response:

Hi Akanyang
The best you can do now is to finish your degree. Once you have
done that, you will be extremely employable as there is a big demand for HR
staff, especially junior staff. You will then be able to work your way up in
most organisations.

If you need to work now to supplement your income,
apply for HR jobs and mention that you would want to do an internship or be an
administrative assistant. It may also give you a foot in the door for a better
job later on. I know it is difficult to work and study at the same time, but
many people have done it successfully in the past. It will mean that you will
work long hours, but it will reward you later on.
I hope this helps.

I hope this will also help you one way or the other. And
having said that - for one to get that experience that comes with the job - one
needs to have at least worked somewhere or be working at the moment.
And in the end, maybe getting an experience through waitering or being a Student Assistant that i am at this moment is great and gives me the opportunity and exposure required by all employers.

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