Thursday, 11 October 2007

Eskom cuts now affect universities

Different ‘big’ businesses all over South Africa have lost millions if not billions of rand due to the electricity cut that they have experienced. The manufacturing and the export sectors are or were the most affected part of the economy.

North West University – Mafikeng campus is no different at all. Since Tuesday, the university has been experiencing a lot of electricity cut, especially during the day when classes are in progress.

Although the university is different from the manufacturing and export – this to some extent is an indication that Eskom could be experiencing a lot of problem or ‘excessively’ high demand as some commentator indicated.

There are, however generators that are put in place as back-up system for the university in emergency like – electricity cut. It is apparent that some of the buildings around campus do not have these generators. Lecturer and academics’ offices are just a few of those with generators as back up.

Students are mostly affected by these cuts, as some of them are busy preparing for the examination which is likely to start late November.

Does this then justify opinions by many South Africans that: Eskom cannot meet the high demand for electricity?

Due to electricity cut – I had it tough though finishing this article.

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