Tuesday, 02 October 2007

What i call 'true SA music'

It's been months or almost a year or two since her album titled "Ubuntu Bam" was released. She has also won award or two during the South African Music Award. She's shy, somewhat reserved and not a media puppy like most SA artist.

Having heard her songs on radio stations for several times - it then came to my attention that i should buy her album. Who else would i be talking of if not Siphokazi.

She's one of the talented musicians that the country has ever had and is likely to have for the coming years. Yesterday i had the opportunity to buy her CD and listen to it. It's one of the best SA albums i have ever heard or at leats bought.

The album consists of 12 tracks all of which are beautiful and puts one in the Jazzy mood.
What is amazing most about the album is the first and last track of the album. The first track is slowly jazzy and the last is a smoothly fast type of a jazz track.

If Siphokazi's album was the last in this world and you wanted to steal it from me - i would definately pay you not to take it way from me as it's one of the best South African albums i ever bought and had.

I recommend this album to people of all ages in every country or continent in this world.

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