Monday, 10 September 2007

How I wish I could vote for my own President

Maybe its time for the South African Electoral System changed – not only be allowed to vote for the Political party to take over government and to deliver not on their “empty” promises but also vote for my own President and Members of Parliament too.

If this was to happen – then maybe I would say that South Africa is a democratic government which recognizes and takes into account its ingredients – people’s needs.

Financial Mail Editor, Barney Mthombothi (Editor’s note 17 August 2007) said that “we’re accustomed to boasting that we have one of the best democratic systems in the world, and yet it’s unable to fulfill one of the basic requirements of democracy. We can’t elect our MPs. We can’t even elect our president, the man who wields enormous power over us and everything around us.”

He further said that “democracy could be any woolly concept, unless its nuts and bolts, its ingredients are taken into account.

It is therefore clear that this is not the democracy that the African National Congress Youth League wants for the ordinary South African citizens. This was after Fikile Mbalula said that they (ANC Youth League) would elect Jacob Zuma as the country’s next president in the next ANC National Conference to be held in the coming December irrespective of him (Zuma) being found guilty or not by the National Prosecuting Authority.

It is now clear that both Zuma and Thabo Mbeki are not my ideal candidates for the Presidency and only because of a couple of reasons.

One, yes it is undisputed that Mbeki has made an enormous contribution to the country’s progress and “democratic” transformation. However, as a leader - one needs to be unbiased, consistent and consultative which he (Mbeki) has failed to do recently. And two, if re-elected for the third term – it would somehow paint him as a “power monger” or “power grabber.”

As for Zuma, being a suspect on crime and or fraudulent dealings whether found guilty or not – definitely has an enormous impact on the society’s view or perception on his leadership quality and credibility.

In conclusion, the only ideal candidate for the presidency is I/you because only I/you know what my/your needs are.

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