Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Third view

Late last year i got a call from one company from Johannesburg for a job offer which was quite tempting and i nearly took it and ran with it.

Because i didn't wanna do something that i would regret at the end of the day - i went and looked for a second and third view.

After some time and some research i decided to turn it down after having gone through two interviews.

Now, given the situation i'm in - i think i shouldn't have given out but rather took the opportunity and God knows where i would be right now.

Is a third view always a bad thing?

Well, this would depend on where you get such a view, from whom, when and how it came about.

I always make sure that i go and look for a third view. And maybe the South African President Mbeki Mbeki should do likewise when necessary e.g. who to hire, fire and why?

One could ask questions like:
  • Do the hired candidates have the relevant skills for the job?
  • Are they competent enough to undertake such given tasks?
  • Have they got the personality, personal traits and behaviour required for the job ?
  • Are they appointed to the job because of Political affiliation?

These are among the questions that the President or any other President needs a third view on especially give the fact that such candidates are to make strategic plans and decisions for the entire country which will affect the larger or broad society and or citizens.

Third and second view's not always a bad third. It only depends how one uses such.

Just recently, i have asked for a third view as to whether to contitnue with my postgraduate studies the following year or not given the situation i'm in right now.

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