Friday, 24 August 2007

Is Thabo Mbeki or his Government being Inconsistent?

So people might regard this as inconsistency because not all people seem to be treated equally. Recently it has been reported in the Media Sowetan that the former Deputy Minister of Health, Noziwe Madlala-Routlegde must pay expenses of the trip she undertook some time ago without the approval of the SA President, Thabo Mbeki.

This is going to cause some confusion among members of the society. This would be as a result of some members of SA Parliament who were involved in travel gate scam Travel scam MPs may be booted from parliament
not being treated the same - meaning having to pay back the money they misused.

One can say that maybe whoever said that Madlala-Routledge should pay back needed a third view. Although the two cases are not the same - the President is however the same - Thabo Mbeki.

Well i could be wrong and who knows?

Then i guess only The President knows

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