Monday, 20 August 2007

Your situation is better - as compared to others

Last week Friday I was talking to my granny about how mess my life is. She said to me that one day everything would be all right.

It’s been three years now since I lived with her – Mom Lu, her nickname. She’d rather be called that than Ouma or granny.

Whenever I look at my life sometimes I wonder if God’s watching over me or is able to see the suffering that I am going through. It is so amazing how we always think about ourselves and not other people.

This might sound silly but the reason why I was so down it’s because I was broke. This was as a result of not having being given some money or cash at all for at least – a month.

It was then that I decided to get my life on track. For me to do that I had to do some self-introspection and comparison of my life with that of another person(s) that I know or don’t know.
It was then I realized that I am worrying over nothing.

There are people out there who are in situations worse than mine. And on the other hand here I am complaining that I was not sent money. How ridiculous of me!

We need to always look at the bigger picture. Stop thinking about yourself and stop being self-centered!

If you think your situation is worse and sometimes wished you weren’t alive, then think about somebody who goes to sleep without having had anything to eat, not having a better place to live, sleep at or sleep on, not having a place to call home let alone having somebody to call “my brother, my sister, my mother and or my father”!

Imagine those who are sick in hospitals and may be infected with illness which its cure is not yet found or discovered. Have you ever thought of such situations?

Of course you haven’t! And all you do is think about you and your life.

I say when you still have a place to call home, something to eat before going to sleep and still breathing and not sick with dread disease – then you got nothing to worry about.

No matter how unfair, worrying and difficult your situation might seem, it is still better as compared to other people who are in worse situation than yours.

Live your life and stop complaining and be glad that you are at least alive and have the opportunity at your disposal to utilize fruitfully and not wasting it!

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