Thursday, 22 November 2007

Un-make my year - "you will not graduate"

Do you know that feeling when you felt like you have arrived and only to find that there is this one thing you didn’t do that could spoil the whole thing? Now I know what that is!

Today, just to be on the safe side – I went to every relevant person to confirm if I am legible to graduate next year.

Few other people said I could graduate. But after today – I nearly collapsed after one of the admin personnel said “you will not graduate until you meet the those conditions. You will have to come back next year and do those course.”

I was frustrated and sad at the same time. This is because – one way or the other – we are not all intelligent or as the South African Department of Education hope or want us to be - matriculants.

Why? The answer is very simply. We are not the same and things are not as simple as Education minister, Naledi Pandor thinks!

I was admitted to a Bachelors of Administration on Conditional exception at university. This meant – during my stay at the university – I had to at least get 40 % Mathematics higher or standard grade. How was I to know when I was not told so let alone explained to?

I didn’t get full exception on my matric results by the way. I had 3 contents in standard grade, mathematics included. This is because many teachers at high school scare or threaten pupils by saying: “e tlile go lo paella. Mathematics is hard and difficult in higher grade.” And this applied to other contents like Geography, Biology, Physics, etc.

For one to be admitted at any university in South Africa – one should have at least full exception, or conditional or should undergo one full “upgrading” year.

Just imagine having told you parents and friends that they should get ready because next year April you will be on stage – with your gown and everything that it comes with.

I nearly called everyone I had told the other day that I was graduating to hold that thought and excitement until I’ve sorted out everything. Disappointments are bad especially to people looking up to you.

Fortunately, I got help from one of the ladies that works in my faculty to help me out. She did all she could and I am only waiting for another person who deals with “problems” such as mine and see what he can do or how he can help me out.

Tomorrow morning, I will be the first at the Admission Building waiting for assistance!

I must graduate! Something has to be done!

In fact, this should have been done a long time ago – and it’s just that I have been too busy focusing on my studies to make sure that I do not fail any course or else….

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