Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tomorrow: Adcon interview

This is one of the great and successful companies that I would like to see myself working for. And this is the chance to show them!

Adcon (Edgars Consolidated Stores) is one of South Africa’s big retail companies. Edgars, Jet, Legit, CNA, are among the retails that the groups holds. It’s very successful.

According to Mail & Guardian and South African Press Association – Adcon has been appointed the official operator for the 2010 Fifa World Cup stores in South Africa.

I can just imagine myself working for this company – Adcon.

But hey, I shouldn’t get my hopes up because anything can happen during and after the interview.

I am scheduled for an interview with for tomorrow at Mafikeng campus, North West University.

Early this week I met a friend on mine at one of the government buildings at Mmabatho. He had just gotten into his Internship Programme at the Local government. He’s intelligent and smart too. We used to work together as Student Assistants at the university until he was called for an interview and got in.

My friend gave me the number to call and ask to speak to Mpho who works for Adcon. Fortunately, I got hold of Mpho and asked me a few questions which I did answer well and said I should come for an interview 24 November 2007, ADC laboratory, Mafikeng campus at 08H00 am.

I have prepared myself for tomorrow’s interview and believe that I did my homework well as far as the company’s concerned.

According to, the company has Learnership programmes currently open and will be running for a while. The reason for this “word-of-mouth” is that: the pool could be small, or the method of communication is not as effective as it was anticipated to me. Therefore, it’s better this way.

But I think it’s helpful for people like me who have just completed their degree.

I, however, am ready for the interview and prepared as well.

Wish me luck!!

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