Friday, 30 November 2007

There’s the evidence Mr. President – what else?

I hate myself sometimes to sound like I’m being against South African President, Thabo Mbeki. Am I?

Mbeki in his weekly “media-reactive weapon” newsletter ANC TODAY said, “The truth will prevail.” And when it’s resented – he then again disputes it. And now I’m so lost. What does he really want now?

It’s so sad and also worrisome to see ANC TODAY being used and abused the way it has been and continue to be used at least this will be until Jacob Zuma, African National Congress become South Africa’s next President – I hope.

Maybe I’ blaming the poor guy here – or maybe not. If I’m not, then how could he allow “these” things to be published by the editor or whoever that is? He definitely had a say in what went in and out of the ANC TODAY?

Just reading ANC TODAY makes one wonders who it’s editor is aware the implications that might be caused by his/her writing; and if he really thinks of the effect of what goes into the newsletter could have on the ruling party’s image and reputation and that of the government too.

ANC Today Vol.7 No. 45, 16 November 2007 indicated that what Chris McGreal wrote in the British Guardian newspaper “have been told by some in the domestic and international media, who have specific intention to discredit our movement, the ANC, and our government.”

“The shameless fabrications concocted by McGreal derive from the unending campaign by our opponents to invent corrupt practice around the so-called “arms deal” – the acquisition for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) of aircraft, corvettes and submarines.”

ANC TODAY urged McGreal to show proof of his accusations. “We challenge McGreal to ask his informant, Andrew Feinstein, to assist him by providing him with facts to substantiate the claims that McGreal chose to report approvingly”

In response to this Andrew Feinstein former ANC MP and author of After the Party said in his article to the Sunday Times that: “Sue me — or, at the very least, appoint a judicial inquiry”

Feinstein said he has about 82 pages of evidence and will be glad to present such if given the space in ANC TODAY. While The Citizen on the other has been criticized by ANC TODAY again for having said: “And The Citizen has also obtained dramatic evidence of how Mbeki sat in on irregular meetings that swung multibillion-rand deals the way of BAe.

“These documents, obtained from many different sources, suggest that Mbeki played a crucial role in buying an unsuitable jet because the manufacturer had allegedly paid millions in bribes.”

Now that the truth is prevailing Mr. President – and everything that sounds so true to be the evidence – seems to be shut out. This then makes me a patriotic South African wonder what it really is that you want or what ANC TODAY really wants.

Is this is leader that South Africans voted for. I wonder?

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