Friday, 30 November 2007

The people have spoke – Zuma for President!

I was listening to SA FM’s “After 8 debate” the other day. Many people seemed to have concluded that Jacob Zuma, ANC deputy-president, should be the country’s next president. This is a result of the outcome of the provincial nomination that ended last night. All provinces we expected to select whoever thought should be President of the African National Congress (ANC).

It is very important that Zuma is not only elected president of the ANC and the country just because people hate or dislike Thabo Mbeki’s leadership style and everything that goes with it but also because he is “fit” as he had claimed – to be president of the ANC and the country.

As non-member of the ANC or any other political party in South Africa – I believe that the next President of the country should work in such a way that there isn’t any sign of division in government and his ruling party as well.

During After 8 debate – many callers referring to very “important issues” that Zuma has intervened in – said this was an indication that Jacob Zuma is fit to government unlike his counterpart – Thabo Mbeki.

Whether this is true or not – we all will be waiting in baited-breadth to see if Zuma as his camps and supporters suggest.

I must admit also that – at first I thought he (Zuma) would not make quite a president – but after what Mbeki has showed especially though his “media-reactive-weapon,” ANC TODAY, maybe Zuma could bring in something worth reading after all.

But as to where this leaves in trial with the National Prosecuting authority – remains to be seen.

One caller said that irrespective or Zuma being convicted or not – they will make sure that he will address them “the people” even in his orange overalls, which are normally worn by South African prisoners. This indicated how some people badly want Jacob Zuma as president of the country.

Despite all this and having said that: I do not want a “criminal” for president. If that’s the case – everyone might as well become a “criminal” as well.

Sunday Times yesterday reported that Jacob Zuma on Friday made a bold declaration when he told a group of mainly black businessmen that he is “fit” and ready to government South Africa.” Spoken like a “true” leader one supposes.

According to the newspaper, among the things he (Zuma) said, was that: “death penalty needs consideration, criminals are treated too leniently, HIV must be depoliticized and that government should not be run through patronage.” All this remains to be seen in December during the ANC National Conference in December and the country’s next president in 2009.

Hoping all South Africans choose the right and competent candidate for presidency.

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