Friday, 16 November 2007

Goodbye: How do I say it?

It’s been three full years. And it feels like a lifetime.

We have become best friends and she’s become a very good, yet old friend of mine. This is one good relationship I never had with any of the grandmothers I’ve known and never thought I would ever have for as long as I lived.

It has now come to a time and date where we have to part ways. And I don’t know if saying goodbye will sound like I’m leaving her forever or what.

She’s been there for me through all that I have been through for the past three year. She’s been my mother, a father, a sister, aunt, granny, a support system, a good granny friend and she’s been all she could ever been and even more than that. When people seen us so close – it’s like we are family or some sort of relative. And yes weren’t at first but now we’ve come to be!

Three years ago I left Seoding village for Mafikeng to further my studies at North West University. I’ve hardly been to Mafikeng and didn’t know anyone else there, except a relative, which I had never informed of my intentions to go to Mafikeng. Well we were not that close. It’s just one of those things whereby your mother is closer to them and you are not until such time. And this is me by the way.

Fortunately my “dad” whom I have talked to for full 17 years until I completed my matric in 2003 – had arranged for me to meet Thabang Tikane who would ensure my safe stay at one of the university residences until I’ve registered.

During the registration week, I went to a shopping mall where I bumped into one of my mom’s close cousins – Monei. She was so excited to meet me and so was I excited to meet her too!

The funny thing is that Monei didn’t now if I had intended to come and further my studies at Mafikeng and so did her sister who stayed at Mafikeng. This is because I didn’t want to burden myself with anyone especially relatives. Yes, you might think or say that I got too much pride. And to tell the truth – I only have such where it’s needed most!

Fortunately, she was with Tumo – a sister to Momlu. I asked her if she could find me accommodation and she agreed to do that. This was so amazing. While talking to Monei – Tumo, who I call ausi (Sis’) Tumo – had a sister called Lucy and known as Momlu. Ausi Tumo said she’d ask Momlu is she needs somebody, a student, to stay with.

Just to cut the chase, I moved in with Momlu since January 2005 to date. Unfortunately I lost my Mom the same year and Momlu came to the funeral.

From this day – Momlu and I have been so tight like never before and not because she feels or felt sorry for me but because we so love each other very much. I struggled financially during the first year. It was the same year during which “dad” was paying my varsity fees. And it’s the year I’ve been to Hell and back because he could deliver on his promises. Details of my relationship with “dad” are at Zone 14: The Story of My life.

Our relationship has been going strong for the three years now! At first it was just the two of us living together until some relatives of hers came and moved in with us last year. And you might know that when people increase in number – things start to change either for the better or worse.

Come 2007 – this is my last years and which I hope it is. Next year 2008, I will be graduating.

Momlu’s so sad that the very son or boy she’s grown to love is about to part ways with her. It so breaks my heart that I have to leave her too. This is one of the hardest things I ever had to do: to say goodbye.

Now I really do not know what do say to her. Saying goodbye would sound like I’m never coming back. And this is not what I’m going to do.

Her wish – is for me to stay with her, especially even if I work around Mafikeng. And I tell y’a I will definitely do that unless circumstances won’t allow but I will never leave nor forget her. She’s part of what I am today and what I will be.

I have decided to spoil her. Taking her to a restaurant is one good thing I have in mind. Just the two of us! No third party! This will happen around the 24th, or 25th November 2007 before I leave for Seoding or Pretoria. Pretoria is where my Mom’s sister lives and works.

I, however, explained to her that: if I get work around I will definitely stay with her, but if I don’t I hope she will understand that I will have to relocate where the work would be but would never forget her!

Momlu has four daughters. Only three of them are married and stay with their families. Two of her daughters stay in Pretoria and the other two in Johannesburg. And only the last-born got divorced. They love me very much and I love them too. We’ve become this big family. My family at Seoding also knows that Momlu and I love each other. They love her too.

She’s however worried where I’m going to have my graduation party. I told her not to worry because everything will be done at her house. And she said: “ao Papa – mo ntlong e makgasa e?”

I told her not to worry because I even come from a more “makgasa” house than hers.

Just how do you say goodbye to somebody like Momlu and need I really say goodbye?

Goodbye sounds like I’m never going to see her ever again and that is not what I intend to do! I will visit her ever chance I get.

She doesn’t like it when I say: “ke eleditse bojalwa.” In fact, she didn’t know if I drank alcohol until I told her myself because I didn’t want her finding out from somebody else. And even if she did – she would definitely not believe them because she knows very well that I’m a well-behaved boy. And that’s why she loves me very much!

I have never fought nor had an argument with Momlu in the past three years to date or even suggested to move out!

Just what do I do then?

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