Saturday, 13 October 2007

Pupils have lost their manners and good behaviour

At first I thought i was the only one who had noticed this 'trend' or problem. But now that it's being or has been recognized by the Media, maybe something good can come out of it.

According to the South African Press Association:

Pupils are not disciplined at all, they are disobedient in the real sense of
the word. Pregnancies; drugs and now we are being informed of a girl being
raped in an Umlazi school, it is not even known whether they attend the
same school. How can we afford to have such animals in our schools.

These type of students should be expelled and if they are not scholars of the
same school, what do they want on the school premises during school hours.
This is an issue that the Education department; parents and governing bodies
should discuss and come up with a solution very soon.

Not only in that part of the country but here in North West too. Some pupils proposes teachers, drink alcohol with them and others just do not take notice of whatever good advise is given by teachers.

Or maybe one should ask: Have we lost our morals and values? Is this the Nation that Mandela wanted?

Discipline definately has to start at home. Having to discipline a pupil or just any other person who has never heard of 'discipline' before is going to be a very difficult task for the discipliner and is likely not to achive its intentions.

In this case you as a parent, uncle, sister, brother, aunt, grandpa and grandma - you are to blame for your kids' unwelcome behavior and teachers cannot take your responsibilities at all times. They are only human beings too with kids of their own to discipline.

What have you have to say Mo-Africa?

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