Saturday, 13 October 2007

Dreadlock not bad after all, says Zimbabwe Supreme Court

Human beings have different tastes when it comes to fashion or hair style. Some man and or woman would prefer bald head, others would go for a short hair or just a particular hair style and others would just prefer keeping their dreadlocks.

Sowetan today reported that:

Zimbabwe’s supreme court has ordered a government school to re-admit an
eight-year-old schoolboy who was expelled for wearing dreadlocks.
This is after Farai Benjamin Dzvova - a grade one pupil was thrown out of class in January last year, saying his hairstyle went against school rules by authorities at Ruvheneko Primary School in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The only time when a person can be thrown out of school in the case of students, or not being given a particular job in a company - is when the rules or policies of that institutions says so. However, in South Africa, one needs to be very careful that - those "rules and regulations" are not contrary to the Constitution of the land.

The Zimabwe's supreme court further indicated that the school authorities could not expel the boy because his parents had approved of his dreadlocks. This therefore means, had the boy's parents disapproved of his dreadlocks - it's then maybe the expulsion could be understandable and somewhat justifiable.

In conclusion, if you keep a certain hair style it is very important that you keep it clean at all times and very neat too so that people would not have a negative attitude towards it - or towards whoever has that same hair style.

Your image says a lot about you than you can imagine. Yes it sure does. Just Like that!

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