Saturday, 18 August 2007

You and Your Career

As a student, i have realised many students want to be fed with all information regarding certain careers in the market.

It is very important that all people start taking the drive seat of their careers. If you are an employee, for how long do you want to be such and are you always happy for working for someone else?

There is nothing wrong with working for someone esle - yet it is important that as an asset to the company or organization you are working for - develop yourself and the skills you have.
It's often reported that people do not possess the relevant skills, but it is the employers who also responsible together with you that should make sure that employees are provided with information as far as career development within the company is concerned and how such employees should go about developing themselves.

Often government employees are reluctant when it come to leaving their work and starting their companies and or organizations because they haven't utilized the chance and resources which were available at the time when they were still working for a particular organization.
As individuals, there will come a time when we have to stop reporting to someone else or your supervisor or manager and rather have people reporting to us or you. And that will only happen if you want to take over new ventures, diverting from what you normally do and moving into something different and yet challenging unlike some occupations.
Taking care of one's career in the great fulfillment that one could ever endure and appreciate and love.

It is only you, yourself who can develop the skills you have. Employers are tired of training and training.

Your career is the same as your life. You need to make it more interesting and need to look for challenges where such exist - while you are doing that, you grow as a human being and an asset to your organization and or business.

You are your career and your career is you.

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