Saturday, 18 August 2007

AIDS - A serious disease

Everybody's talking from journalists, politicians, health experts, scientists and even ordinary society about AIDS - but are we listening?

This is the question i have been asking myself for some time now and it doesn't seem like we have been listening or taking seriously of what's been said about such a somewhat cruel disease - AIDS.

I have seen people close to me die, and even people in the community - it be in rural or urban as i have been to both places my entire life. The sad thing about this is when it kills parents or even us young people who happen to have kids or children or just a mere child. It hurts those children unimaginably without parents knowing at all or maybe just a few knowing the effects.

Recently, there was someone who has been on medication for almost two or three weeks now.
As for whether the ARV's side effects are craziness or hallucination - is unclear. But the person has been showing such signs. And such a family is struggling a lot. And it's hurting her kids badly considering they are both still at school.

As if that is not enough, this infected person is looked after by an elderly person in here 70s and old enough to look after someone in her mid-40s.

It's hurting the grandma badly and emotionally and physically draining her. Having witnessed people dying and still am, i realised that it's important we look after ourselves and make sure that we do not get infected by this disease in anyway. It hurts to see a person always in bed with sores in her mouth, not being able to walk properly like you and I right now and some times not being able to do anything for themselves because of situations they find themselves in.

It might help us in identifying where human beings got this disease from - but right now all we need do is try by all means not to be infected and rather prevent the disease from escalating although it already has escalated.
You be a father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandma or grandpa, girldfriend, boyfriend and or maybe just a friend - look after yourself.

AIDS - kills badly.
Mo-Afrika itlhokomele! (Africans look after yourselves)

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