Saturday, 18 August 2007

What do You want?

This is one question that a friend of mine asked me a couple of days ago. And the funny thing is that, i couldn't answer it because i didn't and still do not know what i really want.

We were talking about his work and i asked him to help me find work. As if he wanted to hire me in his business, he started asking me about my career goals and objective, what kind of work i wanna do. And to my surprise - i said that i'd have to think about it and he was shocked at such a statement.

His shock could be that i'm a university student and in my final year of study. Well i really can't tell what i was thinking too just like you once didn't think when you were growing.
Maybe this is because i tell myself that i'm still young and have enough time to make any decision or it's because i want so many thing that i ended up being confused too.

Then i realised that i might be in my early twenties, but i need to make and take a decision about my life. Families can not afford to feed and cloth us for much longer and it's high time we started doing some serious self- and soul-searching or some people would call it self-introspection.

Well, since i have so many definitions for it - i do not know what you call it.
But i have to admit to myself and even you have to admit to yourself that when growing there are times when we still do not know what we want and who we really are.
This happens when leaving high school for college or university. We become confused of which career to choose and we sometime choose such careers because some of one of my friends chose it.

Damn young people!

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