Saturday, 18 August 2007

There's nothing homely like home

We are born and grow up in different place we call - home. It's not always that all people have a place to call home, but those who do - should be greatful for that.

I just arrived yesterday from my holidays. Where i'm studying isn't my home. I just found a great family and live with them. I was so excited when i was only few hours before i left for home. I felt like i had just found new love and y'all know what i'm talking about.

It was, however, beautiful being home. I was with my friends, family and everybody that i knew and all of those that i haven't seen in a while. This might sound crazy but it had been almost 6 months i haven't seen my family. And this could be as a result of not having someone to go home or forced to go home too. And that's why i had been neglecting home for a while. Well that is reason good enough to having neglected home the way i did and there's no excuse for that.

It was so beautiful and i was so happy to come back here. Seeing people you love dearly and those who love you back is all you need. If you love someone you just never hurt him or her - and also if you love people you must never hurt them and they must do likewise.
And that, is the beauty of being home.

Now i know why there's nothing homely like home.

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