Saturday, 18 August 2007

Just got a job

I've always wanted to keep myself busy and now that i have - i sometimes think that i need to give it all up and go back to the way my life was before.

As this blog is personal and general and i write everything that i want people to know and read about. Don't get me wrong if i do so.

As a full-time student and a third year & final year student, i would say i never had a life before until recently. A month ago i got a job as a freelance writer on the university newspaper. I love writing even though not much i have written here. But i believe writing is one of the best capabilities that all if not most of us, are given as a gift. However, some people just do not want to use theirs.

Getting back to my topic. After getting a freelance job, i decided to take charge of my life and became very active and joined a student chapter which i'm a Public Relations Officer of. I'm not much of a talker but i think i can crack it. I only talk too much around people that i am familiar with and those that i know.

Over a month ago, i had applied for Student Assistanceship at my Campus. Not knowing that i would get the job until a colleague of mine informed me that i had been selected and i was excited of course. Now i'm a student assistant.

The good thing about being an Student Assistant is that i get paid hourly. How nice, hey?
Well the pay is not that bad for someone like me and with the working experience that i got. I mean, i have got not much working experience.. But i once worked as a gardener on behalf of my my uncle while he was on leave, and i did quiet well to be honest.

As for freelance writing, i am not sure whether i will be paid at a later stage or not. And i guess i have to run that past my Editor in Chief i suppose, hey?

Well, whether i'm paid as a freelance writer or not. I love the job and i would not leave it let alone not write anymore because i'm not paid. Of coure i wouldn't leave unless fired and for what reason, only GOD knows.
With these three jobs, and with one getting paid for, i think i'm gonna love it even though it might not be as easy as i think it would be. In my freelance writing, i'm required to write at least a minimum of 5 articles for the next issues. Is it too much? Tell me.

And i have to write about something that students in campus can relate to. And that, is a achallenge on its own because it somehow limits my writing capacity and freedom.

I believe, know and hope that i can do it.

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