Saturday, 18 August 2007

It's that time again, exams....

Some people get all kinds of feelings and illness when the examination time’s approaching. It’s always a mixture of feelings amongst students, but the same cannot be said about lecturers.

Lectures are supposed to have set examination papers long before the syllabus is finished and make sure that they cover everything that will be included in the examination. And this puts a lot of pressure on student in that, they have to make sure that they grab everything and not just grabbing – but understanding as well.

Examinations are very hard and one could say, “time consuming” for all students and as far as lecturers are concerned, they have pressure by wondering if students will pass or fail their modules or courses as this could send a negative message to the management and society at large. Examinations require a lot of dedication, time and preparation and understanding from students.

There has not been an incident whereby lecturers failed to submit the question paper to the examination office, unless one has been very ignorant and arrogantly not paying must attention to the Campus affairs.

Yes, all student know how hard examination are and how much one should be dedicated to one’s work, however, there are times when students experience so much depression to the extend whereby they end failing to write examinations.

This might be strange to some students but others are very familiar and understanding of “copying”. It’s also referred to as referencing. This is one of the major problems that lecturers and invigilators experience.

Students have a tendency or one can call it a “bad-talent” which they often demonstrate during the examinations. Just on the 04 May when I was writing a test, there was a beautiful student, light in complexion, medium fit, a bit tall, and she was copying in the Great Hall nogal. And this runs across all nations, be it South Africans or ‘foreigners”.

This is an indication that students who copy come and sit for examinations not having prepared earlier or not at all. Hence copying. Copying whether during monthly tests or final examinations has an enormous negative impact on the institution’s reputation and also on students themselves.

Apparently students who perform such act are expelled from the institution for a period of five years. And not until this period has lapsed, they are not admitted at any educational institution in South Africa.

Therefore, students must come prepared for exam not matter how hard it might be. Other students do not regard copying as nothing bad. I’m often ashamed by those students who do it on a continuous basis, and are always happy that they have passed their examinations.
I’m of the belief that it is not just about passing examinations, but about understanding and putting to good use what you have learned and understood.

This is the mistake that we students tend to make that “as long as I can pass, and if only this can get me a fifty passing mark then I’m fine”.

Not only is “copying” the only problem but “mind-block” is a great personal problem. There have been incidents where students just leave the exam room without having written anything. But as to whether this is related to “mind-block” remains unknown.

In order for students to make sure they pass their examinations and not just with distinctions but also satisfactorily, they must prepare in time, consult with lectures where clarity is required and needed, never “cross-night” as this has it’s negative effect.

There are students who have managed to finish their different degrees on record time and it required a lot of time, understanding and dedication to achieve their goals. So if you know you are writing exams and test stop drinking at least until exams are over.

Reading and or studying with understanding should now be everyone student’s norm and maybe a belief. Examinations have never been hard, but what we do during such period makes the exam hard

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