Friday, 04 December 2009

Polity with a new bad site

Previously before things changed as they seem to have and even before Polity changed its web site – one used to enjoy what it contained.

It used to, and it still does, contain insightful analysis of everything from politics, economy, African continent, research reports, government officials address and statements to some international reports.

Since its new web site recently, one has not quite enjoyed any of its offerings one enjoyed before.

This, it seems, is as a result of the way in which the site was built. Reading anything on the site for me has become a problem, if not difficult, such that one even stopped clicking on any link to the site.

The new Polity web site seems to be created in such a way that if you have eyes you may soon lose them and if you never had any, then you are better off.

Worse still, there is not even a space between the paragraphs if there ever was one on the first report before it was put on the web site.

The site is quite bad and not so user-friendly as it used to be and looks more like a blog than what it is expected to be.

And still, even my blog is better than Polity web site as there are paragraphs in between and a space too.

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