Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mathe is a done deal now, but about other Mathes out there?

The "Notorious criminal Ananias Mathe was sentenced to 54 years in jail by the South Gauteng High Court," Mail & Guardian Online reported on Tuesday.

Ananias Mathe is just one of the many other Mathes out there. And although what the perpetrator has done cannot be reversed, it is however worth mentioning that the given sentence to Mathe is not enough and can never be enough.

According to, Judge Geraldine Borchers who handed down the judgement on Tuesday described Mathe ‘as a very dangerous criminal who terrorised his victims and their dogs during his house robbery spree’ and therefore ‘doubted... [If] Mathe had a chance of being rehabilitated.’

Sadly and very disappointing was the Judge’s remarks, according to the report, that Mathe was convicted on many very serious offences none of which attracted ‘a life sentence’.

In moving forward, one just wonders how these Mathe et al get away with these crimes that do not attract a 'life sentence'. Really? And will the rest of the hiding Mathes get the same sentence as that which one of their own received this Tuesday, 54 years or will they get more than that, say, 100 years?

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