Tuesday, 01 December 2009

How to ask for an advice

Hi Eusebius McKaiser

I was hoping that you would check my blog (Akanyang Africa) - if you have some time on your hand as I understand you can be a very busy man, considering that you blog at Saffer Politics which I happen to find very interesting and also a contributing editor to Business day newspaper - and give your advise on what it is you think I need to or may have to change, if not get rid of.

I have been blogging for almost fours years to date for the love of writing and commenting (Politics, and this is between you and me of course and can I trust you with this, but also just general commentary as my blog can tell or shout). It was, and still is, through the creation of Akanyang Africa that I had the space - by making time to do that too of course - to do exactly that.

Although one has thought of writing for print publications - and not sure that's the kind of material you would consider for your publication, I must say, or would you? - one has not really pursued the idea for reasons I still do not know of.

It's worth mentioning that some of the posts were used, e.g. cellphone rate cuts, were sourced elsewhere and were acknowledged at the end, including some of those that were sourced from Business day newspaper a while, if not a couple of years, back - and I hope not to expect any law suite coming my way, please, because if I happened not to acknowledged this then - and now I just have.

I look forward to an insightful and informative feedback from you very soon, thank you.

By the way, English - and trust me this is no excuse for the somewhat bad usage of the language or the grammar thereof - is not my first language, okay?

At least I got that off the way and you can screen through my blog with that in mind.

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