Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Even grannies can be 'drug dealers'

Today SAPA and reported of the arrest of an 81-year-old German woman dubbed the "Drogen-Oma" ("Drug Granny") in Germany this Tuesday.

The woman, Christa Koehler, ‘confined to a wheelchair’ according to the report, will serve her five year sentence (in the hospital wing because of heart problems) in jail for ‘admitting to dealing heroin’.

Koehler, according to the report, admitted to “selling eight bags of around 50g each”.

This is some scary stuff for a grandmother this age to do something like this.

Could it be that she decided to do the heroin dealings herself for someone who was probably doing it for her was reportedly arrested by the police as he was caught ‘with heroin and €16 400 in cash’ – and therefore had no one else to do it for her?

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