Friday, 30 October 2009

Dear former South African Mail & Guardian Editor

This is a letter I sent on Facebook to South African investigative weekly newspsper's former Mail & Giardian Editor Ferial Haffajee - my favourate and missing it will make a bad weekend for me - and now an editor to another weekly (Sundays only) newspaper City Press, the former's competitor and a response, if any, is hoped to be posted here:

How's City Press been treating you since you left M&G? I miss you there, I must Admit.

Tell me and please be honest, I want to know this and trust me it is true:

I am a regular buyer of M&G coz I enjoy their reporting, however, I am not a 'normal paid subscriber' to the publication.

If in SA like in America and Sunday Times will be doing this in the near future, if not next month or any time from now on, - for one to view online content of any or a specific publication ,e.g. M&G - I would have to be a paid subcriber to that particular publication, do you think that will work in SA given the likes of myself and how it will affect us?

This, not forgetting I am a regular buyer of the publication weekly just like any of its paid subscribers and the only reason I am different from them is the Location: the difficulty of it being delivered to my door step.

Or just assume this is in reference to your publication - if you think you cannot respond on 'behalf of M&G' as you are no longer at their employ, but rather, under that of City Press, or Media24 if you will.

Responding whether here on Facebook - for others who have the same problem to know - or to my email, which as we are now friends you can view, will be appreciated, thank you.

Akanyang Merementsi

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