Monday, 17 August 2009

Letter to Health Professional Council of South Africa

This is a letter sent late today to the Health Professional Council of South Africa in hoping this matter will be delt with, if and when the concerned doctor is one of their members, or that they advice the matter to be taken to the relevant authorities being the South African Police Service for a full investigation into the allegation of Unethical, unprofessional and illegal medical practicing by Doctor Wilson TH, in the Rustenburg area.

Identity of the patient, being one of the many that are ripped of their medical rights, will be protected and that of his employer too.

Allegation of illegal and unprofessional medical practicing by Dr. Wilson TH

I, Akanyang Merementsi, an HR Clerk at Akanyang Inc. at Rustenburg, hereby confirm:
  • That on the 04th August 2009 I received a medical certificate/sick note from Mr. Tebogo Tebogo, Akanyang Inc. employee, attended to by Dr. Wilson TH with the Practice Number 0215934 on the 30th July 2009,

  • On the same day, as a normal practice in many organizations, I contacted the Board of Healthcare Funder to confirm if the Dr’s Practice number was valid or not,

  • Board of Healthcare Funders, known as BHF, confirmed by one of its customer care consultants that the practice number of the doctor under-discussion was invalid. BHF, as informed by its consultant, is an organization that issues practising number to medical practitioners/doctors in South Africa,

  • That on the 05th August, Tshepo from Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) too, confirmed that there was no record of the Doctor’s details on their system, which to a reasonable person, would render the Doctor’s practicing and its sick notes invalid as he was not registered with the Medical Professional in South Africa as legally required or expected of him. At the time of confirming with the HPCSA, it was only Doctor SH Wilson at Wynburg and SM Wilson at Claremont that were available on their system,

  • The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) too, on the same date as above, confirmed that there was no record of such a Doctor’s details on their system at the time of confirming it and that their practicing numbers started with As only and not PRs as that of Dr. Wilson TH,

  • The telephone number provided on the medical sick note issued by the Doctor was not available on the South African MTN network at the time of confirming, the 05th August 2009 and on the 17th August 2009 at 03:42 PM,

  • On the same date further, in trying to confirm the practice number again, Florence Cebekhulu from BHF confirmed again that there was no record of the Doctor’s details on their system,

  • The Doctor’s address to be as this: Hallec House, Betlehem & Oliver Tambo Drive, Private Bag X84231, 0300,

  • The Mr. Tebogo Tebogo to have paid the amount equal to R170.00 for consultation,

  • And that he, Mr. Tebogo Tebogo, has been consulting the Doctor for almost a year to date.

Therefore, and unless it can be proved otherwise than I was able to prove by the Doctor concerned himself, I hereby believe the Doctor’s practice to be illegal and unprofessional and unethical to the best of my knowledge, ability and efforts taken, especially in the medical profession such as which the Doctor’s field of ‘expertise and knowledge’.

In the event that what I have confirmed is true, can the Doctor concerned provide/indicate reasons for his failure to register with the professional bodies/organizations, especially those in his field of profession, medical?

Furthermore, I would request that a formal investigation be lodged against the Doctor with the relevant authorities, especially the South African Police Services and the Health Professional Council of South Africa and all the relevant parties/bodies/organizations concerned and those who are negatively and directly/indirectly affected by practices such as these by members of our society.

In a lay-man’s language, this is fraud in day-light and unless and until this can be proved otherwise with relevant documentation or any other documents to be deemed as important and relevant to the allegation.

Hope this will be acted upon and treated as a matter or urgency, thank you.


Akanyang Merementsi

At the time of publication, on the this blog, the concerned patient was to confront Mr. Doctor himself on the allegation brougght forth and hear his reaction and the result will be also communicated and published on this blog too.

Strangely, upon asking the patient if when refunded, he would leave the matter alone of still report it to the police authorities, he said he would only leave it alone if refunded, and if not, he would definately take the matter forward.

At hearing him say that, and if refunded or not, I was not sure whether to pursue the matter further or not. However, it is not quite clear presently what is likely to happen, but any development will be communicated on the blog.


Brave Heart said...

Hi Akanyang, kindly keep us posted on developments on this case. And by the way, you have a good blog going there. Keep it up.

Akanyang Merementsi said...

Thanks for your interest.

Any developments will surely be posted here, thank you.