Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Impala’s non-striking workers Shamboked

All Impala Platinum’s non-striking employees watching from a distance as their colleagues took to Impala’s No. 8 Hostel will be shamboked. This was a clear message from one of the National union of mine workers leaders addressing employees this morning.

The leader said employees (although not all of them were Impala employees, myself include) watching from a distance and from outside the stadium and not wanting to participate in the strike will be shamboked as they mistook them (striking members) as sphokophoko, known as ghosts or stupid.

Although I could not identify the leader at the time – out of fear of being mistaken as one of the Impala’s non-striking employees and therefore, getting shamboked/assaulted – and who he was, his message, I must say, was clear yet threatening, if not posed a threat to non-striking members.

NUM entered into a strike this morning after negotiation deal with Impala Platinum were sour.

All Impala shafts at Rustenburg were not operational since last night after employees working on night shift were sent back home and those who were supposed to work a morning shift today. All employees attended a meeting this morning to hear what has been decided and way forward in the form of strike.

It’s alleged that union representatives during wage negotiations with Impala Platinum agreed on a 10% increase without approval of the large union members. Thirteen percent is reported to have been an ideal wage increase which – when it failed – resulted in one of the chairpersons being assaulted by members.

At the time of writing, it was not clear when this is likely to continue. However, it is likely to last the whole week.

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Brave Heart said...

The strike season is with us and we have to bear the brunt of threats/attacks/our cities being thrashed.
This conduct was not manifest during the apartheid days. What an irony.