Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Reckless or Negligence, or both?

Being the ‘not public and open book’ quite person and somewhat secretive person that I am – I have come to realize that sometimes it is okay to share one’s intimate thoughts and ideas with friends or acquaintances, if you have any, especially with those you feel freely to do so.

At the time of writing, it has been more than two weeks since my involvement with a beautiful lady, I must say: very mature, fun and understanding with all the ‘things’ I wanted of or from an intimate companion/partner.

During this period we committed an act which – which after some deep thinking and analysis – I found very negligent and reckless. This because we seemed to have been – or should judgments at the time seemed to have been clouded by our feelings and as a result, we did what we did.

Given the dangerous times and era we live under, it was unforgivable useless, reckless and negligent of us for having dome what we did which after communications, as partners, I decided that it would be best for both of us to ‘kinda’ take a break or not see each other as we often used to in order to control ourselves, or each other’s feeling. This, before we both do something we may regret a later stage.

After discussing this with my friend – who thought I had been careful and very responsible – it was then I realized how irresponsible and recklessly stupid I had been. Not only to myself as a individual in the relationship but to the relations itself and my partner.

Honestly, I told my friend, I have never gone this far nor thought I would take things that ever deep whereby one day I would wake and say ‘If only I had become careful and more responsible’

I hope this makes sense.

I have taken a different direction and that is ‘Be responsible at all times’


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