Monday, 04 May 2009

Dear President Jacob Zuma

Because I had already written (see Akanyang Africa) why I decided to Vote, its worth noting that the President must do the following:
  • At least a 95% of a better life for all must be achieved if allowed space and resources and working together within the next 5 years,
  • Every written piece in the Constitution – as the founding principle of our democracy – must be respected, not tempered with, but rather promoted and protected. Most importantly, not changed to suit a particular personality (cult),
  • Constitutionally, we must all continue to be equal before the law and be treated as such, and nothing less,
  • A substantial investment must be put in sectors such as: education, job creation, entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, trade and industry, farming and mining. Most importantly, in the poverty eradication and alleviation measures and programmes and the economic growth and development,
  • Discriminatory policies – be anti-white, or anti-black – must be reviewed in order to curb the tendencies of escalating the racial and economic discrepancies witnessed in the country presently, and where possible, be changed,
  • Make away with a tendency of relying (unless, benchmarking) on western methods of everything without localizing such to the present circumstances,
  • Consider any other aspect of taking the country, South Africa, forward, which would be deemed of high importance,
  • Make away with name calling especially in your circle, and if stappling some ANC members' mouth is the route to go, then go ahead, I will be with you all the way because they just never know when to SHUT UP!

I wrote this hopping this will sink in your shiny head and that you will deliver on the promises as made by the ANC during its campaigning period which led to this year's general Elections, thank you.

Your response to this letter - if possible, given many others you are likely to receive - would be highly appreciated and most welcome.

Akanyang Merementsi

This Letter is expected to be sent to the president himself, Jacob Zuma, hopefully, through Mail and Guardian Online's Editor in helping the 'Big Man' make up his mind and get his actions together when delivering on his Manifesto. Or is it of the ANC? But ja, that's it.

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