Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Why Leave SA & want to Vote while abroad?

In response to Nikki de Havilland’s The IEC`s missed opportunity’s response to the High Court ruling which gave South Africans abroad a right to vote I asked: Why Leave SA & want to Vote while abroad?

This is because, to me especially, there is not much sense made in one leaving one’s country – for whatever reason(s) s/he knows – and want or yet want to vote while in a foreign country.

This, I said in my response:

It's just like Tshvangarai (MDC leader) wanting to build and reconstructing Zimbabwe, yet finding refugee in a nearby country, Botswana. How do u defend your people while in another country?

I continued:

I really do not understand why people would want to leave SA (for whatever reasons, they know) yet want to vote while abroad. Why leave in the First place if they are concerned about re-constructing the SA they claim they want to see and live in?

The same goes for S Africans abroad, despite what they may claim to be doing which we here at home cannot witness, how do they build SA while abroad & leave us to fight in whatever good and constructive way at our disposal in building the country we want to live in?

The ruling doesn't convince me in any way? Maybe if they want to be called South Africans and want to vote - they must come back home and stop claiming to be patriotic while finding refuge - or doing whatever they are doing - in foreign countries!

Can someone explain the logic in this High Court ruling?

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