Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tips for “Opposition” Political Parties in SA

Given the current political landscape in the country, all political parties contesting for the April elections need to take a few things into consideration during their campaigns and presentation of their manifesto that:

  • Rather than being an “opposition” party, consider “ALTERNATIVE” party instead. This is because by meaning of the word, it means opposition to whatever’s presented or said – no matter the logic and reasonability,
  • South Africans are more politically-informed than are thought to be, therefore, be careful how your “alternative” political party present itself to them,
  • A vote cannot be owned, but it can only be borrowed from South Africans for a certain period, or term – and can be taken back at anytime especially during the next round of elections by the same people, and until such time, expect anything!
  • Being leader or member of your party, always intensely consider your response – recklessly negligent and somewhat uninformed – to whatever fashion you or your organizations may have been reported on, This is because your negligence and reckless may cause more damage to you as an individual and your organization than that of those who made a statement,
  • As a leader and member of your organizations – “KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP” even when you enjoy the attention given or may be given!
  • Do not work against, but rather work along with other “alternative” parties,
  • As a leader or an aspiring leader, establish “CODE OF CONDUCT, MORALS AND VALUE SYSTEM” which act as guidelines for all party members and how they must present the organization – in any activities involved – and themselves to the society which will determine their likelihood of being future leaders,
  • Never – despite efforts to lure voters and members – call non-voters names and underestimate them because they may have an enormous influencing in those who are still not sure which party to vote for,and
  • Most importantly, as much as the Constitution of South Africa given all the right to vote – then, respect others’ decision not to exercise that “right to vote” because it still remains their right and their right to choice!

Respect all other “ALTERNATIVE” political parties and all citizens and electorate – whether registered to vote of not!

If what has been reported by Politicsweb "ANC caught peddling hoax DA pamphlet" is anything to go by – then it certainly isn’t what South Africans or any other political party wants – disrespect for other parties!

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