Thursday, 19 February 2009

SA Media: give them what they want to hear & report about, not the truth!

Though not many would agree, but I couldn’t agree with Kelebogile Mmokwa – the women who claimed to be carrying SA president Kgalema Motlanthe’s child – that "I told you what you wanted to hear".

Mmokwa made newspaper headlines in most, if not all newspapers in South Africa, including Cape Argus, Sunday World and Pretoria News to mention but a few.

These reports, have to a great extent – thought in the public interest or not – have somehow and in a great way violated Motlanthe’s private life as an individual and not as a president of the country.

It can only be hoped for SA Media that if they are on a fishing expedition as they seem to be presently, and God knows when again – they get their facts straight and make sure to use authentic sources and not as such used by the newspapers mentioned above as this will not only affect such newspapers reputation, but people will always asked themselves if what’s reported is true or close to the truth.

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