Tuesday, 03 February 2009

Animals: What are they thinking?

They say curiosity killed a cat. Yesterday my thoughts on/of what animals, especially dogs think about, might kill me.

Yesterday at the time of writing, I passed a dog that was sitting next to the road where people pass. It sad sadly like a man who’s just lost the love of his life – Mom, Dad, Granny, Grandpa or a friend – as it could be anyone or anything, e.g. pet dog or cat.

I wished I could get into the mind of that dog and find out what it was thinking about at that time but could not because of our – human - nature.

This is because, according to some people, when one’s sitting alone thinking or seem to be – one could be thinking about many of the challenges one faces which may include among other things:

Financial problems or lack thereof,
Family affairs/issues and
Lack of unemployment/ one’s high unemployability likeliness

Do human beings know what all types of God’s other creature – animals, mammals, reptiles, etc – are thinking about?

What do you dog think your pet or animals are thinking besides targeting its prey?

Below, kindly find articles with regards to what dogs think about:

 What Were They [dogs] Thinking? More Than We Knew by The Washington Post
 Do dogs think? By Slate Magazine.

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