Monday, 15 December 2008

Mathematics teacher looking for a job!

It is unlikely for a mathematics teacher to be looking for a job especially when he has the experience or any other experience, said Tk, a friend of mine a few weeks ago at the time of writing.

Tk said this after I had asked him to help me help another friend of mine (Mosimanegape) who’s in Cape Town and is looking for a job as a Mathematics teacher anywhere in South Africa.

Mosimanegape graduated his B.Sc at Mafikeng campus’ North West University in 2006, has one year teaching experience, is very brilliant, talented and loves mathematics and currently works for an Internet Marketing company in Cape Town.

Due to the global financial crisis that is affecting many international companies especially in the United States of America and Europe and now looming in South Africa, the company has been affected negatively too, said Mosimanegape three weeks back on GMail Chat.

Mosimanegape - despite the negative connotations/sentiments that are attached to the teaching profession – wants to join the profession and make a contribution to the deteriorating teaching profession in South Africa which seems to see many qualified teachers leaving South Africa – the country that educated them – for the so-called developed countries, e.g. Australia and the USA.

It is the likes of Mosimanegape that South Africa needs in order to build our country for the generations to come – so that, at least we pray and hope, they may live and be better off that we did.

Therefore – appealing to all proud South Africans and the department/ministry of Education – if you know of any school in South Africa that is looking for a qualified mathematics teacher, do not hesitate to contact me and I will forward your details to my friend.

When chatting to Mosimanegape at the time he didn’t indicate whether he would consider leaving the country for e.g. Australia or the USA, to pursue his calling as a mathematics teacher as some of his counterparts have done in the past.

When asked what subjects he would like to teach, he said: “give me numbers and I would do wonders”. This is an indication of someone who is determined and has set his mind in everything that he does or wants to do.

Furthermore, on his preference, he made it clear that he would like to teach anywhere in South Africa, except Cape Town as it is where he’s currently located. It was not clear as to what could have lead to this preference – anywhere in South Africa, except Cape Town at the time of writing.

According to Mosimanegape, the lay-off at his company has affected the morality as is normally, if not always, expected. In fact, given that some of the managers were amongst the retrenched/laid-offs, employees at the company are therefore not sure what their chances of remaining within the company are, hence the likes of Mosimanegape would rather leave before they are asked to do so.

Finally, at this stage it should and must be less about what lead to his departure, and instead be more about what contribution he intends bringing into the teaching profession in the country.

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