Monday, 05 November 2007

A street hawker practices hygiene.

I have travelled over places and have met different street hawkers, but have never seen nor met the one i saw today.

Names like streek hawkers sounds like a bad thing especially when calling a brother, sister or mother like you.

Street hawkers are people known to sell on the street and are mostly found in every town now. Initially they were only found in Cape Town, Pretoria, Gauteng but now they are even on the station road in Mafikeng. They sell vegetables, fruits and al goetes to earn a living and support their mdeni (family).

I didn't have breakfast this morning as i had to rush to the university and see if i could find some students colleagues practising Financial Management.

On my way i decided to buy some fruits. I saw a young man sitting in front of a tree where all students go past when going to campus. He sells all sorts, if not, most fruits, snacks and sweets too. It's a great spot to sell at especially when targeting students as your customers.

I decided to buy a banana and apple. To my surprise, he had water in a small container whereby whoever buys fruits especially apples and pears - would wash them before eat. It was amazing and i had never seen anything like that before in my life especially from a street hawker.

After buying and when i was on my way approaching campus - i realized that it is not all people especially street hawkers who do practice hygiene. I was impressed, yet stunned by how seriously he took his business of selling fruits and snacks to students.

Just a few meter away from this hygeine man, a few hawkers offer the same service but hardly have water for customers to wash fruits before eating. What does this really mean then?

Whatever the explanation - i realized that not all of us take hygiene seriously and this clean hawker taught me something great and good too.

Mind what you eat all the time!

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