Thursday, 08 November 2007

Social network gets even interesting!

I never thought something like social networking existed until I read about it on Finweek or Financial Mail; both are South Africa’s weekly financial magazines.

Although not so many people are into social networking, the trend seems to have grown dramatically. However, many seem to lag behind though.

Having been a blogger for four months now – every student colleague that I asked if s/he’s heard of blog or blogging – they all go: ke eng seo?, when I asked them.

In the language that you understand better it means: what is that?

This is an indication that no matter how fast technology travels or changes – some of us can hardly send an email. Even worse, others don’t even know what Facebook is. In the 21st century. Y’a have to be kidding me.

The social network rivals have a tight competition to beat. The likes of,,,, ect must be having it tough especially when looking at their target market or consumers.

Maybe could learn a thing or few from these Socian network rivals and follow suite to meet the new South Africa social network and Gadget-obssessed generation.

I just wonder what technology holds for me in the next three year.

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