Saturday, 10 November 2007

Segwale's address at North West University, Mafikeng campus

Tokyo Segwala, a presidential candidate for the country’s next president addressed student during the Walter Sisulu Memorial Lecture yesterday at North West University, Mafikeng campus.

Segwale told students how great it was to have known Walter Sisulu for the man and human being he was. “Did you know that Sisulu was a business man’, Segwale asked the crowd.

Whether his is strategic way of Segwale getting elected as the country’s next president is still unknown. However, he would not make a useless and incompetent president after all.

Only during the African National Congress’s national conference to be held in Limpopo next month where the president of the country will be elected – Segwale will know where he stands.

The South African president, Thabo Mbeki said that he would stand a third term as president of the country if he elected again. While on the other hand Jacob Zuma, ANC deputy president supporters think that Mbeki should step down; and that Zuma should become the country’s next president.

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