Friday, 14 September 2007

A "white" man with an attitude

Having mergered with a dominately "white" university, it is understandable that it will take some time to see each other as human beings created in God's image.

I couldn't understand whether it was a racial issues - or i totally got him all wrong.

One university staff had just lost her son. I was therefore, as a student assistant instructed by one lecturer to go into all lecturers' office, but only with in a particular faculty where the lady whose son died work at. I had "Condolence list and an envelop" with me whereby lecturers would contribute cash and i would put it in that particular envelope and return it to the lecturer who instructed me to do such a somewhat tiring task.

When i got to one white lectuer's office, "have you see this Sir? : i asked. And thinking he would talk to me politely as i did with him, instead he asked me if i didn't see his name on the list and when i asked: "what's your name by the way Sir?"

He, without feeling bad at all, asked me to go and investigate what his name was.

I was somewhat pissed and asked myself whether my approach was bad enough for him to have spoken to me the way he did. But i realised that either he was in a "bad space" and or i came at the wrong time. Even it that's case, why could he tell me to come later, which i would have agreed to instead of him talking to me like that.

When i got to "my" instructor and asked her what the name of that particular lectuer was and i looked on the list - it just did not appear. And i was very disappointed.

It could have been the above-mentioned reasons that he spoke to me the way he did which even if that was the case - it is uncalled for - especially for a "Professor."

Well who am i to judge. It became clear to me that - as we interact with people of different races, especially "black and white" of which i detest using these word - we must learn to hear first then react or respond.

The headline was just to catch you attention to can pass my story.

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