Wednesday, 05 September 2007

What a weekend!

It is during weekends that some people spend some quality time with their family and relative, but with others - they prefer to spend such with their friends instead. This is what i did over the weekend.

Over the weekend i had visited Momlu's relative in a somewhat remote yet developing rural area in the North West Province called Kraaipan. It's just less than 40 or 30 kilometers drive from Mafikeng along the N18 which runs from Kimberly to Mafikeng.

It's been a long time since i went out and i just normally prefer to sit home and watch movies indoors instead of going out with the guys.

I went to Kraaipan with a few other relative or you can call them my other family. When we got the Saturday in the afternoon, we sat home until it was late for us to go out and have fun and just a few or more drinks.

Although the weekend was great, i however went home early before anyone else because i had a few drinks which instead of hanging around - i then decided to go home and call it a day.

On Sunday morning, i felt like i didn't wanna wake up because i had a bad headache and i tried to sleep enough to make it go away and it didn't. Tlhogi and others tried to persuade me to have just one drink and that my headache would go away but i refused because i didn't want anymore drinks.

It was only late Sunday after i arrived at Mmabatho from Kraaipan and after a few naps that my headache went away.

Man, what a weekend. This was the second outing since the one i had at the same place during Easter Holidays this year.

Well atleast a brother had something to do, or should i say - Something to drink. What have you had over the weekend?

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