Thursday, 30 August 2007

Blogging is just for the "White man"

I have always believed that we should take initiative of ourselves and control of what we do. It is amazing how other things are always, if not most of the time, utilised or used by anothers - white people.

This is not a discriminatory argument but you are entitled to your own opinion. This is a challenge to all the black brothers out to be seen in doing things that were previously at the disposal of white people.

Just to day, i happened to check out a new blogging web site created by Mail & Guardian online, a South Africa's first online newspaper - Thought Leader -

The Thought Leader is an editorial group blog of quality commentary and analysis.

Its aim is to provide a platform for thought-provoking opinion from Mail & Guardian journalists and columnists as well as other writers, commentators, intellectuals and opinion makers across various industries and political spectrums. Thought Leader is not only a platform for some of the country’s established writers and personalities but is home to some of the country’s up-and-coming writers. Thought Leader is all about debate, offering readers the opportunity to comment and discuss issues raised by contributors,

I was surprised to see only a few black journalists bloggers as part of the blog. It's not the problem of it's founders that a few black people are not as many as it the case with white people - but at least looking at the number of black journalists on all the SA newspapers - i expected more than ten.

And may be some things just never change. Or may be it is those who resist (black or white) change that do not want to change(s).

The blog is, however, a very insightful and somewhat analytical which is what journalism and or blogging should be about or promote.

This is your (black people, especially journalists and or bloggers) chance to prove yourself that you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and write whatever you want written or head just as long as it's not harmful to anyone.

There's no such thing as "For the white man - for the black man". We all need to use our talent and and expertise in our own fields and see opportunites where such exist and use them fruitfully.

Go, start blogging because it's an unexplainably fun and somewhat fulfilling.

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